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The Importance of Changing Your Oil Filter


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If the oil filter in your vehicle is not good quality, it can shorten the life of your engine and cause other parts to fail as well. As the oil passes through the filter, it is cleaned, which prevents abrasive contaminants from damaging the engine parts. While the oil filter may not seem like a big part of your car’s lubrication system it plays an important role in protecting your engine from premature wear.  With a high-quality oil filter, the moving parts in the engine are properly cleaned and lubricated.  Sometimes small pieces of metal chips get into the engine while it’s running.  If these tiny pieces penetrate the oil, they could break off other bits of metal, and possibly cause erosion in the engine.  That’s why it is recommended to use a quality oil filter to prevent this kind of destruction.

Filtration efficiency is the term used for one of the standards that determine the quality of an oil filter. Another standard—particle size retention—measures how well a filter retains particles of different sizes.  Also, a quality filter must meet the standard capacity for holding dirt. This includes the amount of contaminants that can be removed and held by the filter until the filter no longer works.

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