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The Value of an Oil Change in Hendersonville, NC

Oil Change in Hendersonville, NC

Changing your oil can feel like an inconvenience when you live a busy life. In reality, though, it can save you from much bigger problems down the line. That’s why taking your car in for this necessary service on time is so important. If you need an oil change in Hendersonville, NC, putting it off could cause:

Unsafe Driving Conditions

Significant Engine Damage

Reduced Fuel Efficiency

Because so many components depend on clean oil to run smoothly, something as simple as regularly changing it a few weeks late can cause unnecessary wear and tear on expensive parts. A few minutes with a skilled mechanic is often all it takes to avoid hundreds or thousands of dollars in future repairs. In extreme cases, oil changes even prevent complete engine failures that would otherwise have you searching for a new ride.

Most importantly, keeping the oil in your car fresh means being able to drive with confidence. You won’t have to worry about breaking down in the middle of your commute or on a hectic highway because of an issue related to your oil. Plus, regular visits to a trusted auto shop keep you in contact with experienced mechanics that can spot other potential problems before they become day-ruining catastrophes.

Honest Professionals Make Sure You Get What You Pay For

Oil Change in Hendersonville, NC | JiffyLubeofWNC.comHave you ever spoken to one of those lucky drivers who have a beautiful classic auto that runs just as well as the day it rolled of the assembly line all those years ago? Well, if you ever have the chance, take the time to ask them how they’ve kept the car or truck in tip-top shape.

There’s a pretty fair chance the answer will be they have it serviced consistently by someone they trust.

If you break the response down a bit further, you see that there are two main components to it: regular maintenance and honest mechanical support.

It’s a given that adhering to a schedule of regular upkeep for your car, such as an oil change in Hendersonville, NC, will greatly prolong the life of your engine and keep it running well.

And if you can get that work done by honest professionals, like the team at Jiffy Lube of Hendersonville & Brevard, you know that you are going to get what you pay for. It means a lot when you know the work you have completed is going to be of top quality with materials of the highest grade.

There are plenty of stories out there about places that seem to break more things than they fix, so it pays to look around for a shop that has a solid reputation for outstanding service.

Keep your vehicle working great with a regular oil change. In Hendersonville, NC, drivers trust their cars to Jiffy Lube of Hendersonville & Brevard.

Tips to Maintain an Older Car, Part 2

Oil Change in Hendersonville, NC |

To keep your vehicle in great shape, be sure to bring it into Jiffy Lube of Hendersonville & Brevard for an oil change in Hendersonville, NC. Also, if you notice any unusual sounds, bring in your car to our qualified mechanic as soon as possible. The following tips to maintain an older car are a continuation of our blog on keeping your vehicle in good running condition:

Maintain your wheel bearings.
Wheel bearings ensure the smooth running of the tires. At your next car checkup, make sure to ask for a wheel inspection to see if your bearings are in good working condition. This usually only involves adding some grease to the bearings to get them moving smoothly again.

Change your brake fluid.
Changing your brake fluid helps to keep your brakes free of rust and corrosion.

Keep your exterior clean.
The common recommendation is to wax and wash your car four times per year at a minimum.

Keep the interior out of heavy sunlight.
In warm clients, the vehicle’s interior can fade from continual exposure to the sun. Try to park in the shade as often as possible, especially if you live in a warm climate. Also, use a sun shade to keep your interior fresh and looking new.

Wipe off debris.
In cold climates, salt sticks to the bottom of a vehicle. Make sure you eliminate all of the salt and any other debris before you wash your vehicle; otherwise you may get paint damage.


Common Questions About Oil Changes, Part 2

Oil Change in Hendersonville, NC |

We continue our blog on “Common Questions About Oil Changes,” with the following questions and answers.

What happens during an oil change?
During an oil change in Hendersonville, NC, the mechanics at Jiffy Lube remove your old, gunky oil and replace it with synthetic oil, synthetic blend, conventional, or high-mileage oil depending on your vehicle’s needs. After replacing your oil filter, an inspection of the fluids, lights, and battery is conducted to make sure the vehicle is safe.

Why should I do a full oil change instead of just topping it off?
If you just add new motor oil to bring your oil levels back up to normal, the old, sludgy, dirty oil mixes with the new clean oil. This prevents the new oil from working as well as it could. In an emergency, you can top off your oil if, but make sure to follow up with a full oil change.

Can I switch brands of oil between oil changes?
Switching motor oil is not a problem as long as the motor oil meets the viscosity grade and engine oil specification in your owner’s manual. It is also okay switch between synthetic and conventional motor oils.

Is it better to change your oil when it’s hot or cold outside?
It’s important to change your oil throughout the year. If it is cold outside, run your engine for five minutes before the oil change so that the oil flows out of the drain plug easily when changing the oil.

Can cold weather affect when I need an oil change?
Follow the vehicle owner’s manual to determine the proper oil drain interval. Oil drain intervals are not at all dependent on outside temperatures.


Common Questions About Oil Changes, Part 1

Oil Change in Hendersonville, NC |

All vehicles need regular care to stay in good working shape. One of the most important steps to take to help your car run smoother and longer is to keep your engine’s motor oil fresh and clean by taking it in for an oil change in Hendersonville, NC, at Jiffy Lube. Read the questions and answers below to find out what some of the most commonly sought answers are to your most pressing oil change questions.

Why do I need an oil change?
Vehicle engines need oil to run smoothly and avoid developing complicated issues in the future. Your engine needs fresh motor oil on a regular basis because oil lubricates all the moving pieces in the engine to keep everything running properly. Oil changes also help stop your car from overheating by reducing friction, transferring the heat, and absorbing by-products from combustion.

If the vehicle’s oil level gets too low or too old, your vehicle could end up with a decreased engine life, sticking piston rings, and an overheating problem. By getting your oil changed regularly, you can keep your engine in good condition and provide the best protection for all of its components and parts.

When should I get an oil change?
Different engines have different needs, so it’s best to follow the specifications set by the vehicle manufacturer. The typical recommendation is to get an oil change every three months or 3000 miles. While many drivers stand by that guideline, innovations in tighter build tolerances and higher-quality synthetic oils, many sources suggest a 5,000-mile oil change should be the new normal.


Signs You Need an Oil Change

Oil Change in Hendersonville, NC

When the oil in your car is decomposing, it can be tainted with dirt, dust, and engine debris. If your engine gets dirty or corroded oil it may be significantly affected. Your car’s engine will run less efficiently, and may even become seriously damaged. There’s even a chance that your car engine will completely shut down if the oil is not changed. Some of the signs that indicate it’s time for you to have your oil changed are:

  • Vehicle Feels Sluggish
  • Noisy Engine
  • Low Oil Pressure
  • Oil Light On
  • Rough Idle
  • Sluggish Accelerating

Also, if your car makes a ticking noise when you start it, it may be due to dirty or contaminated oil. When your engine is running, it continuously pumps oil throughout the crankcase and cylinders.  If that fresh oil is dirty and contaminated, there will most likely be some valve train noise in the form of ticking. Dirty oil can also make your engine shake because there is more friction between the pistons, rings, and bearings. Poor lubrication impacts how the engine accelerates as well.

Come to Jiffy Lube when you need an efficient oil change in Hendersonville, NC. We serve many customers throughout Hendersonville and Brevard in North Carolina. Contact us with any questions you may have.

We look forward to serving you soon.