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Investing in an Auto Inspection in Brevard, NC

Auto Inspection in Brevard NC

When your car seems to work just fine — or even seems to work at all — it’s easy to talk yourself out of recommended inspections. You have a busy life, after all, and giving up some of your time for a simple check-up might seem like a waste. Until that is, you run into trouble down the line. While many service appointments come with a complimentary or bundled-in auto inspection in Brevard, NC, it may be worth your while to have one done on occasion.

Here’s why:

It Catches Issues Early — Keeping your car healthy is a bit like doing the same for yourself. The earlier you can diagnose or anticipate an issue, the more options you have for addressing it. You can head off plenty of problems long before you find yourself stranded on the side of the road and in need of a tow.

It Can Save You Money — This may sound counterintuitive, but spending a little for an inspection now could prevent much more costly repairs later. Replacing a single component or stopping a minor leak can avoid added stress and emergencies that would otherwise damage other parts of the car.

It Keeps You Safe — Most importantly, thorough inspections ensure that your car is free from avoidable hazards. A little extra attention from the right mechanic could save your life.

Reasons Cars Fail Safety Inspections

Auto Inspection in Brevard, NC | JiffyLubeofWNC.comYou see some cars on the road and wonder how such an old beater can be legally driven around and then there are others that look fine but are laid up because they couldn’t pass an inspection.

It’s an example of beauty being only skin deep.

Sure, looks do come into account for an auto inspection in Brevard, NC, but only because a car or truck with gaping rust holes in the body and floor not only looks like a piece of junk but it’s also unsafe to drive.

It’s not just rust that is taken into account, though. It’s called a safety inspection for a reason. Safety is at the top of the list. Your vehicle needs good brakes, tires, lights, and many other items to guarantee that it’s not going to be a hazard to you or anyone else on the road.

A car might fail an inspection for a simple reason, like a horn that doesn’t work, or something more significant like faulty steering.

If you keep on top of maintenance and car care, you will enjoy years of safe and trouble-free driving. So, don’t take chances with your safety, that of your family, or all the other drivers on the road.

Know that your vehicle is safe by having an auto inspection in Brevard, NC. This looks at the major systems and makes sure everything works as it should.

Proper Vehicle Maintenance Offers Rewards

Auto Inspection in Brevard, NC |

Is it time for an auto inspection in Brevard, NC? Take your car to a trusted mechanic at Jiffy Lube of Hendersonville & Brevard to check fluid levels, filters, belts, and the overall condition.

Your vehicle is essential to your way of life. Without a car to go to work, school, or shopping, you’re pretty much stranded and dependent on others for public transportation. This is certainly one good reason to keep your car, truck, or SUV in great working order. Another is to protect that investment you’ve made in your vehicle. You want to keep it running as long as possible. This is why knowledgeable mechanics recommend an auto inspection in Brevard, NC.

Of course, an oil change needs to be done about every 3,000 miles, but there are other required services for vehicle maintenance that your car needs, too. The mechanics at Jiffy Lube of Hendersonville & Brevard recommend checking the tire pressure, as well as the transmission, power steering, and windshield wiper fluids. This ensures your car has what it needs to keep you safe.

These inspections also extend to brake fluid and auto coolant, as well as the condition of the wiper blades and the serpentine belt. Take your vehicle to a trustworthy mechanic to make sure all is working as it should. When you take care of your car, it takes care of you, running smoothly and efficiently as you go about your busy day.


Helpful Tips to Avoid Holiday Traffic, Part 1

Auto Inspection in Brevard, NC |

The holidays are always the busiest times on the roads. Winter’s holiday season brings unpredictable weather and road conditions across the country, which makes long road trips a bit stressful. Before you start on your long holiday journey, bring your vehicle in for an auto inspection in Brevard, NC, from Jiffy Lube. Our mechanics will thoroughly inspect your vehicle, fix any minor issues before they become costly repairs, and give you the peace of mind you need to embark safely on the road. Additional tips to help keep you and your family safe and secure in your vehicle along the way to your destination include:


If you have the time, it’s best to avoid traveling on the busiest days. Also, if possible, don’t use major highways during rush hour (7–10 a.m. and 4–7 p.m.). Save time and trouble by planning your route ahead of time, or use a GPS or smartphone to identify alternative routes.

Stay Alert

It sounds obvious, but when you are driving in heavy traffic or slick winter road conditions, pay strict attention. That means you should avoid distractions like the radio and your cell phone, to focus only on the road ahead. Staying alert enables you to react to changing road conditions faster, stay safer, and avoid congestion.