Signs You Need an Oil Change

Oil Change in Hendersonville, NC

When the oil in your car is decomposing, it can be tainted with dirt, dust, and engine debris. If your engine gets dirty or corroded oil it may be significantly affected. Your car’s engine will run less efficiently, and may even become seriously damaged. There’s even a chance that your car engine will completely shut down if the oil is not changed. Some of the signs that indicate it’s time for you to have your oil changed are:

  • Vehicle Feels Sluggish
  • Noisy Engine
  • Low Oil Pressure
  • Oil Light On
  • Rough Idle
  • Sluggish Accelerating

Also, if your car makes a ticking noise when you start it, it may be due to dirty or contaminated oil. When your engine is running, it continuously pumps oil throughout the crankcase and cylinders.  If that fresh oil is dirty and contaminated, there will most likely be some valve train noise in the form of ticking. Dirty oil can also make your engine shake because there is more friction between the pistons, rings, and bearings. Poor lubrication impacts how the engine accelerates as well.

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