Safety Items to Keep in Your Trunk, Part 1

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No matter how safe a driver you are or how well you maintain your car, things can happen while you’re on the road that you aren’t able to foresee. That’s why you want to keep a number of “just in case” items in your trunk so that you are as prepared as possible for any kind of emergency. Some of the key items to travel with in your trunk include the following:

Jumper Cables:  It’s unlikely that you will ever be able to predict when your car battery may die. That’s why it makes sense to keep jumper cables ready for use when you need them. You can’t depend on others on the road because not everyone travels with jumper cables, and those that do may not be ready to stop and help you. Another plus is that you’ll be able to help someone else out if they need a jump.

Air Compressor and Tire Sealer:  You may not have a jack or even know how to change a tire. If so, you want to invest in a compressor and tire sealer because the tire sealer can seal a leak while the compressor inflates your tire until you get to the tire shop.

  Duct Tape: Duct tape works for so many broken parts—from taping a broken rearview mirror to keeping a dangling headlight in place. It may not be permanent, but duct tape can aid in keeping you safe until you can make the more long-term fix.

 Stay safe when you keep up with your vehicle’s maintenance with an oil change in Brevard, NC, at Jiffy Lube.