Consequences of Not Getting an Oil Change

Jiffy Lube of Hendersonville & Brevard

It can be easy to put off getting the oil changed in your vehicle, but there are consequences that you don’t want to risk happening to you. Skipping an oil change can result in the parts of your engine becoming too hot, which causes the engine to run less efficiently. Eventually, the engine parts may even wear out and cause the engine to shut down. If that happens, you are facing a pricy engine replacement or even having to buy a new car. There are reasons why you need to ensure your vehicle has regular oil changes.

The Function of Oil

The most important function of oil is to lubricate the engine and remove the heat away from your engine. The circulation of oil in your vehicle lubricates the engine components that work together to make your car operational. Oil is needed to draw away the heat that is produced by the engine.

The Purpose of Changing the Oil

As the oil moves around the engine, it also picks up dirt and debris. Eliminating dirt and debris are good for the engine, but over time the oil gets too dirty to be effective, which is why the oil has to be changed on a regular basis.

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