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Mechanic inspecting the car engine

As we wrote in “Safety Items to Keep in Your Trunk, Part 1,” it pays to be prepared on the road. You can enjoy peace of mind knowing that, while you may not ever use the safety items in your trunk, they are there to keep you comfortable in the event of an emergency. To continue our tips on the best safety items to travel within your trunk, we suggest that you put together a kit that can sustain you for a few days. For example, your kit might contain a battery-powered radio, snacks with a long-term shelf life, a solar blanket, and several gallons of drinkable water. More safety items to keep in your trunk include the following:

Triangle and Flares: If your vehicle breaks down you want to safety warn others on the road to keep a distance around you. Use reflective triangles and flares at night to provide a bright way to alert other drivers you have an emergency.

First Aid Kit: It’s easy to buy a ready-made kit with basic items such as Band-Aids, anti-bacterial creams, and gauze in the event of an injury on the road.

Flashlight: If you break down at night, you definitely want to have a flashlight. You may also use it in daylight if you are looking into areas that have very little light available. Keep fresh batteries around for extras in case you need them.

The team at Jiffy Lube of Hendersonville & Brevard wants to ensure all of our customers are as safe as possible on the road. Be sure to stop by for a quick lube in Hendersonville, NC, to ensure your vehicle is a well-maintained machine.