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Mechanic talking to the customer

be legally driven around and then there are others that look fine but are laid up because they couldn’t pass inspection.

It’s an example of beauty being only skin deep.

Sure, looks do come into account for auto inspection in Brevard, NC, but only because a car or truck with gaping rust holes in the body and floor not only looks like a piece of junk but it’s also unsafe to drive.

It’s not just rust that is taken into account, though. It’s called a safety inspection for a reason. Safety is at the top of the list. Your vehicle needs good brakes, tires, lights, and many other items to guarantee that it’s not going to be a hazard to you or anyone else on the road.

A car might fail inspection for a simple reason, like a horn that doesn’t work, or something more significant like faulty steering.

If you keep on top of maintenance and car care, you will enjoy years of safe and trouble-free driving. So, don’t take chances with your safety, that of your family, or all the other drivers on the road.

Know that your vehicle is safe by having an auto inspection in Brevard, NC. This looks at the major systems and makes sure everything works as it should.