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A mechanic repairing the car engine

As we stated in “Helpful Tips to Avoid Holiday Traffic, Part 1,” it is essential to become familiar with the street names, exit numbers, and alternative routes before heading out. For example, when you’re traveling on a congested highway and know your exit is coming up, you can think ahead and not wait until the last minute to merge. It’s thought that merging at the last minute is the cause of around 40% of traffic congestion.

Prevent Breakdowns

Breakdowns and accidents cause a lot of traffic jams. Stop by Jiffy Lube for an inspection and an oil change in Brevard, NC, before you hit the road for the holidays. That way any threatening issues can be addressed before your road trip.

Use Traffic Apps

Before you head out, check your favorite source for traffic updates. Google shows real-time traffic conditions, and there are a variety of apps and websites (along with radio stations) that provide current traffic reports. Plan alternative routes as needed.

Check the Weather

Rain and snow often contribute to traffic delays. Consider the forecast and plan accordingly. You may need to allow for extra time if rain or snow is predicted.

Be Prepared

Prior to long trips, make sure your emergency kit is stocked and packed in your vehicle. Check the tire pressure in your spare tire and make sure your jack, lug nut wrench, and tools are in place. A quick check will confirm that you are prepared to handle a flat tire or another auto emergency on the road.