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A mechanic repairing the car engine

Did you ever wonder what motor oil was made from or where it comes from? If so, read on to find some fast facts about the motor oil we use in our cars, trucks, and SUVs. The majority of motor oils are made from a weighty, thick petroleum hydrocarbon base stock that comes from crude oil, and has been improved with additives.

The motor oil we use comes from several countries that produce petroleum and oil. You may not know that Canada is the biggest exporter of oil to the United States and supplies a large percent of the annual consumption. Saudi Arabia is the second biggest exporter of oil to the U.S. The following are some of the additional fast facts for information about motor oil:

  • Mechanical components like transmissions and brakes also use motor oils.
  • Synthetic engine oil protects your vehicle under extreme conditions. However, it does not substantially increase performance or efficiency.
  • Motor oils have different ratings and viscosity for different components.
  • The three types of motor oils are mineral/regular, Semi-synthetic, and Synthetic. Your vehicle manufacturer recommends the SAE international rating of your oil to match that of the vehicle.
  • The faster you drive, the more stress is induced on your vehicle components, so you may need to get your oil changed more often.
  • Dark motor oil does not indicate an oil change.
  • Consult with your mechanic about the ideal time for an oil change in Brevard, NC, at Jiffy Lube or refer to your car’s owner’s manual.
  • Make sure filters are replaced when you get an oil change.