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A mechanic repairing the car engine

All vehicles need regular care to stay in good working shape. One of the most important steps to take to help your car run smoother and longer is to keep your engine’s motor oil fresh and clean by taking it in for an oil change in Hendersonville, NC, at Jiffy Lube. Read the questions and answers below to find out what some of the most commonly sought answers are to your most pressing oil change questions.

Why Do I Need an Oil Change?

Vehicle engines need oil to run smoothly and avoid developing complicated issues in the future. Your engine needs fresh motor oil on a regular basis because oil lubricates all the moving pieces in the engine to keep everything running properly. Oil changes also help stop your car from overheating by reducing friction, transferring the heat, and absorbing by-products from combustion.

If the vehicle’s oil level gets too low or too old, your vehicle could end up with a decreased engine life, sticking piston rings, and an overheating problem. By getting your oil changed regularly, you can keep your engine in good condition and provide the best protection for all of its components and parts.

When Should I Get an Oil Change?

Different engines have different needs, so it’s best to follow the specifications set by the vehicle manufacturer. The typical recommendation is to get an oil change every three months or 3000 miles. While many drivers stand by that guideline, innovations in tighter build tolerances and higher-quality synthetic oils, many sources suggest a 5,000-mile oil change should be the new normal.