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Reasons to Get a Professional Oil Change

Oil Change in Hendersonville, NC |

Your odometer is about to tick over at 3,000 miles. That used to mean it was time for an oil change in Hendersonville, NC. However, some people say your car can wait until 5,000. But if you listen to the majority of experienced mechanics, they maintain 3,000 is the right number. This is because 5,000 miles is way too long to let that oil go, as it gets dirtier and grittier, and is less and less effective at doing its job. While it’s getting dirty at 3,000, it isn’t filthy and filled with debris, and that saves wear and tear on your engine.

When a true professional changes the oil, he or she doesn’t just add more and send you on your way. Instead, these professionals take the time to drain the old oil and fill your car with a fresh, clean lubricant that flows through the vehicle, keeping the engine running smoothly. Something that only takes a short time out of your busy day and doesn’t cost much money is worth its weight in oil. Why? That’s because vehicle maintenance is essential to keep your car operating at optimum efficiency for many years to come.

Stop by a trusted mechanic’s shop for an oil change in Hendersonville, NC, every 3,000 miles. This prevents the engine from overheating and causing serious damage.


Proper Vehicle Maintenance Offers Rewards

Auto Inspection in Brevard, NC |

Is it time for an auto inspection in Brevard, NC? Take your car to a trusted mechanic at Jiffy Lube of Hendersonville & Brevard to check fluid levels, filters, belts, and the overall condition.

Your vehicle is essential to your way of life. Without a car to go to work, school, or shopping, you’re pretty much stranded and dependent on others for public transportation. This is certainly one good reason to keep your car, truck, or SUV in great working order. Another is to protect that investment you’ve made in your vehicle. You want to keep it running as long as possible. This is why knowledgeable mechanics recommend an auto inspection in Brevard, NC.

Of course, an oil change needs to be done about every 3,000 miles, but there are other required services for vehicle maintenance that your car needs, too. The mechanics at Jiffy Lube of Hendersonville & Brevard recommend checking the tire pressure, as well as the transmission, power steering, and windshield wiper fluids. This ensures your car has what it needs to keep you safe.

These inspections also extend to brake fluid and auto coolant, as well as the condition of the wiper blades and the serpentine belt. Take your vehicle to a trustworthy mechanic to make sure all is working as it should. When you take care of your car, it takes care of you, running smoothly and efficiently as you go about your busy day.